D&A Lighting Systems is a company committed to sustainable business practices and reducing environmental impacts. One of the ways in which we can do this is by reducing our carbon footprint and doing whatever possible to reduce our carbon emissions in order to achieve better environmental, health and economic outcomes.

Plan to Reduce Carbon Emissions

As a forward-thinking, environmentally-conscious company, we are aware of our responsibilities to both our local and global environment and the need to reduce our collective company carbon footprint. At D&A Lighting Systems, we understand that the

As a lighting company, we’ve embraced the environmental benefits associated with the usage of LED lighting and as part of our overall business strategy, encourage customers to reduce their carbon emissions by switching to LED lighting.

Additionally, some of our strategies to reduce carbon emissions include:

  • Utilizing renewable energy where possible in-office
  • Switching all office light sources to LED.
  • Setting up an office compost
  • Using local subcontractors and locally sourced products where possible.
  • Carpooling to job sites where possible
  • Ensuring that workers are able to arrive directly to job site from home, rather than making factory or office stops.
  • Measuring and finding ways to reduce office energy usage (eg. Common practices such as turning off lights, turning off temperature control if not needed)
  • Work from home arrangements for office workers
  • Participating in virtual meetings and conferences where possible
  • Purchasing second hand electronics, vehicles and plant equipment where possible.
  • Purchasing recycled paper and utilizing a clear recycling system.
  • Reducing landfill waste where possible.

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