The highly qualified team at D&A Lighting can help you sort out all your sports floodlighting maintenance needs before the summer sporting season returns. Whilst all of D&A Lighting’s installations and luminaires are of the highest quality, unforeseen circumstances such as extreme weather events and vandalism unfortunately do occur. In winter, the combination of cold temperatures, heavy rain and strong winds in addition to extra light usage due to the shorter days generally results in a higher demand for maintenance works. 

Light installation and maintenance

Even under normal circumstances, regular light maintenance enhances the longevity of any sports floodlighting installation. Regular inspection by a qualified electrical contractor can pre-emptively identify and fix any issues that may otherwise be undetected by the naked eye. 

The team at D&A Lighting are maintenance specialists, having installed, maintained, and designed sports floodlighting luminaires for over 35 years. Throughout our years of experience, we have dealt with all sorts of sports lighting maintenance enquiries. Regardless of whether your lights were originally installed by our knowledgeable team, our experienced electrical professionals fully understand the unique intricacies of a sports floodlighting system. 

Our maintenance team provides:

  • A full inspection of the lighting system
  • Lamp, ballast & driver replacements
  • Fuse checks
  • Wiring inspection
  • Lamp cleaning
  • Light meter readings

In cases where an older halogen or metal halide lighting system is in need of extensive repairs, we will suggest replacing the system with LED lighting, which provides a greater light output, uses significantly less energy and requires less ongoing maintenance. Additionally, our HAWKeye lighting offers a 5 year warranty, meaning that any maintenance works that come up during the first five years of usage will be covered by warranty.

Contact the team at D&A Lighting now to see how they can help you brighten up your tennis court!

Indicative pricing*

Lamp replacement 

Single lamp replacement: $540 + GST

Lamp replacement for up to 3 lamps: $900 + GST

Single court relamp (up to 6 lamps): $1,420 + GST

Twin court relamp (up to 12 lamps): $2,280 + GST 


Capacitors: $70 each

Ballasts: $300 each

Lamp holders: $70 each

*These prices are indicative only. Contact us for a more detailed quote

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